Good news!

In order to serve our clients better, I have chosen to take down the shingle, close shop, and shut the doors of Creation Architecture. As the owner, I have moved on to be a part of Schwarz-Hanson Architects, a well-respected and established firm in the Fort Worth area that holds the same core values, passions, and commitments to our clients as were held at Creation Architecture. Schwarz-Hanson Architects works with the same project types that we have always worked with, plus some! The bottom line is that I am very pleased with the transition to Schwarz-Hanson Architects, and I know you will be too.

To Creation Architecture’s past clients: I am sincerely thankful for your patronage over the years. I know that the work we were given could have been done at a multitude of firms…and we were chosen. For that I am very grateful.

Please check out our website, give me a call, or send me an email. We welcome the opportunity to serve you well here at Schwarz-Hanson Architects.


J. Stephen Dean, Architect
2570 River Park Plaza, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX 76116
Ph: 817-377-3600
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